Expertise Reasearchers


  1. IoannisVradis- Biochemistry Engineering Doctor
  2. Vasileios  Stefanidis – Phd in Machine Learning Machine  and Postdoctoral researcher in Bibliometrics
  3. Evangelos Varthis – Phd in Information Science
  4. TheodorosFelekis – Biochemistry Doctor
  5. Athanasios Lavranos - Researcher of Historical Sources of the 19th  century, Pre-Revolutionary Greek Period (PhD Candidate of Ionian University).
  6. Theodora(Dora)  Papavlasopoulou, Project Manager at, Cupgemini company in consulting, technology services and digital transformation.
  7. Haralambos (Haris) Papavlasopoulos, Project Manager (Product Development)  at   Almac Group, drug development lifecycle to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors globally.
  8. Angeliki  Poulou - MSc Physics (Imperial College) and Phd Candidate in Μaterial Science (Imperial College)