The LIT intends to create, provided the necessary space is available, a museum depicting the evolution of information technology, as well as a constant exhibition of the latest implementations in this domain.. The operation of the museum will have a mainly educational character. On the other hand the constant exhibition is intended to be operating as a basic reference tool of the LITs activities and of the informative, selective and decision making procedures regarding information technologies, of persons or corporate bodies, cooperating with or resorting to the consulting support of the LIT.

Μουσείο Ασιατικής Τέχνης

Μουσείο Σολωμού

Πανεπιστημιακό Μουσείο -Συλλογή Τυπογραφίας

Σχολικό Μουσείο Σκριπερού

2ο Σχολείο Δεύτερης Ευκαιρίας Κέρκυρας