Corfu Museum of Asian Art

Creation of an Augmented Reality (AR) application for the museum education program "ΝΟΗ CRIME COMMITED"

This is an attempt to tour the visitor in the long tradition of the Japanese theater No, with reference to the masks of this theater, which are on display at the new wing of the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu, as well as other exhibits from this wing.

Upon entering the Museum's reception area the visitor is informed by an info-spot about the tour and engagement possibilities offered by the program. If he decides to join, he enters the first room (black-box) which is specially designed to show a 15-minute story of fiction. During this period, a police novel is unfolding that evolves in the areas of the MATK itself, but set in 17th-century Japan. Its purpose is a murder that takes place in the backstage of a theater performance no.

The story being watched by the visitor suddenly stops at the focal point of the killing, without revealing the mystery.

Coming out of the black-box, he travels to the Museum's premises along a path (marked by a sticky, Japanese drawing, film on the floor) that leads him to the exhibit showcases. During his journey between the exhibits of the wing, he encounters six of them used as building material for the film's fiction. It recognizes them by the corresponding markup that prompts him - using his android or digital tablets - to use AugmentedReality. With this augmented reality application, targeting the particular exhibit, information packages (text / image / video) pop up that help the visitor to place both the item in its cultural and social context and to link it to the exhibit. script of the story she just watched.

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