The “Laboratory of Information Technologies”, even though not much time has passed since it was founded in 2003, has gained a remarkable experience in activities and undertaking of projects, which are relative with information management, self contained or in cooperation with other organizations and foundations or through its research team. In particular the LIT has been involved in the development of tracking, retrieval and multidimensional digital material (specific categories) technologies (e.g. Digitization project and management of historical fliers, Reading Society of Corfu), development of digital technologies in order to organize and manage large archival material, with aim to its full corporate exploitation (e.g. Project of the Archive of Athens District in cooperation with the Foundation of Computer Technology, YPEPTH). Members of the LIT have also undertaken the manifestation of national participation in international projects developing specialised transit technologies in digital technology such as FACIT or UNIVERSE. LIT has also undertaken the manifestation and the management responsibility of two extensive and seriate projects Library Modernization of the Ionian University, on account of the two seriate Community Support Framework 2 & 3.